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Negru de Dragasani

Descendant of the old  varieties, Negru de Dragasani - Pasiuni is a bright red wine with violet shades and an intense smell, with attitude, vigorous, virile, robust. Obtained from grapes harvested by hand and prepared by the traditional method.

The wine excels with an intense colour, with good acidity, along with a complexity of flavours that define black cherries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, pigeons, spices. The lively and rich taste ends with a pleasant astringency, characteristic of the variety, but especially of natural wines without interventions.

Served at room temperature, it is an excellent accompaniment to game dishes, fine meats, young cheeses, pasta or risotto

Sauvignon Blanc

      Made from hand-picked grapes with special care, clarified naturally and fermented at low temperature with fine yeasts, this wine is balanced and persistent, has a floral scent and a taste of exotic fruits.

Ideal with fish, seafood, white meat and cheese,

it is recommended served at 12º C.